Eight Ball Deluxe LE – Bally 1982

Mike Remembers: One of my all time favorite games, which I first became acquainted with at the Hampton Park Bowling Alley. This game really had it all and was the perfect combination of sound, light and game play. As a fan of drop targets in general, this game was a tour de force with a seven bank and two sets of inline drop targets. With more ways than any other game I can remember to achieve a “Special”, many hours were spent playing this game over and over, obeying its command to “Quit Talking and Start Chalking”.

This 8 Ball Deluxe is the Limited Edition version, which came out as a re-issue of what is arguably the best Classic Pinball Machine ever made, but what really separates this one from the pack, besides all new drop targets, rebuilt pop bumpers and slingshots, and a head full of new connectors, this is one of our Pinball Medics Custom Shop Black Label Pinball Machines! This includes a complete LED conversion with custom lamp drivers, LED displays, rebuilt and upgraded processors and power supplies, and much more. And the reason it has black rubbers like newer dot matrix games? We put in our signature flipper upgrade system with matched parallel wound coils, and the old white rubbers don’t last more than a couple of days with these fire breathing monsters!

Don’t take our word for it, come experience the ultimate Eight Ball Deluxe for yourself, and find out why the Ottawa Pinball Arcade is renowned for having the best playing Classic Pins in the known Universe. In this era or that from which they were forged!

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